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RBCE is on Facebook

Since last October, the Revista Brasileira de Ciências do Esporte has been edited by a new team, with professors Fernando Mascarenhas, Ari Lazzarotti Filho and Lauro Vianna as editors.

In addition to continuing the work developed in recent years by professors Alexandre Fernandez Vaz, Felipe Quintão de Almeida and Jaison Bassani towards the professionalization and internationalization of RBCE, it is also the intention of the new Editorial Committee to give greater visibility to the Journal.

The creation of a Facebook page for the RBCE is inscribed in the movement of popularization of science, constituting as an action that aims to disseminate the Journal to a wider audience so that the scientific results produced by the field of Physical Education and Science of sports circulate beyond the academy and reach society.

Through this page we hope to have an open, interactive and dynamic communication channel between the RBCE, the academic community and all interested public on the theme of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.

Follow, spread and participate!